Become Miss Montana

There have been many changes to the Miss Montana Program over the past year as the Miss America Organization has made many changes to the competition.  The most important changes are to the scoring, which we will cover later.  First you need to know that the Miss Montana Scholarship Program is an official preliminary to the Miss America Program.   The Miss America Organization, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization, is the nation’s leading advocate for women’s education and the largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women in the United States, awarding millions of dollars annually in cash awards and in-kind tuition waivers.   Miss America is more than a title, it’s a movement of empowering young women everywhere to achieve their dreams by providing quality scholarship assistance and honoring their commitment to helping others." 

Scoring Values

  • Private Interview    20%
  • Talent                         50%
  • Evening Wear/ Social Impact                        15%  
  • On-Stage-Interview 15%


  •  Never before competed in any National Finals of the Miss America Organization.
  • Must be:  A high school senior before the date of the State competition or have received a GED. 
  • Between the ages of 17 and 25 years old.
  • Must reside in the state of Montana -OR-  be enrolled in and physically attend classes on a full-time basis at an accredited college or university in Montana.
  • Be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • Not now or have ever been married or a parent/pregnant.
  • Have not been convicted of any criminal offenses and there are no currently pending.
  • Good health.
  • Good moral character.
  • Do not use or consume any illegal substances or controlled substances or abuse the use of alcohol, prescription drugs or other dangerous substances.
  • Be willing to represent the great State of Montana if you win the title. 

Paperwork and Application

  • The only thing that you need to submit to the Miss Montana Scholarship Program by March 15th is the completed application along with your $200 sponsor fee.  Once you have been accepted as a contestant you will be forwarded the remaining paperwork that will need to be completed and submitted by May 1st. 
  • You will arrive in Glendive on June 16th  and will spend a week rehearsing and making appearances. We will house you in someone's home with at least one other contestant and provide transportation and food.
  • We ask that you sell two (2) Good Luck Ad Pages for the program book.  If you sell three (3) or more pages, we will give you a refund check when you complete Sweet Home Miss Montana week in Glendive. This is the breakdown.  If you sell 3-7 pages you will receive $25 per page. If you sell 8 or more pages, you will receive $40 for every page from 3 up to what you have sold.   We are hoping that this will be an opportunity for you to receive more scholarship money.
  • Bring a Silent  Auction item with a $50 value to the program.
  • Sign up for CMNH and raise at least $250.
  • Remember, if you become Miss Montana, you must take a year off from college to go on the school tour and make appearances across the state.  If you are not from the Glendive area, you need to spend most of your summer in Glendive preparing for Miss America.   When you return from Miss America, we will reassess the situation and decide where you will live. 




2019 Miss Application (doc)